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Corsha K.


Get to Know
Corsha K.

My name is Corsha Anderson. I am a BEST certified Doula and Childbirth Educator providing families in and between Dallas and Ft. Worth area. I pride myself on helping you feel confident, supported and prepared for the journey ahead. I am here to make connections for you, your partner, and our health care team. I will be there to support you and your partner physically, mentally, and emotionally before, during and after labor. I commit to making your birthing experience as comfortable as possible for you and your growing family.



I am supportive of any family dynamic and all kinds of births. Whether it be home, hospital, birthing center, natural, medicated, or cesarean. Birth is powerful, beautiful and YOURS. You are the perfect team and your birth should happen on your terms because no one knows your body and your baby the way you do! I am here to give you evidence-based information to educate, suttort, empower, advocate, and welcome this new life you are bringing into the world.

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